A group of racists

Dear Editor,


No one wants to take over because they are all racist like Pauline!


Yours sincerely,



Unity Party WA


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UPWA is the only political Party that calls a spade a spade.


Dear Prime Minister Abe,

It is correct you and your Minister did not visit of War-Link Yasukuni Shrine on that special day. It is regrettable that your Emperor bowed his head towards those 12 convicted Class-A war criminals.

Yours respectfully

Eddie Hwang



Racist Hanson

Racist Hanson

If he has dual citizenship he must resign without going to the high court.

Eddie Hwang
Unity Party WA

Fax/hone: 61893681884
Save the trees – Please use email
UPWA is the only political Party that calls a spade a spade.

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From: Eddie Hwang [mailto:eddieh@iinet.net.au]
Sent: Wednesday, August 09, 2017 10:59 AM
To: eddieh@iinet.net.au

Pauline Hanson set to move High Court motion against One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts

Adam Gartrell Amy Remeikis

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Pauline Hanson is planning to personally move the motion referring her embattled senator Malcolm Roberts to the High Court over dual citizenship concerns.

Fairfax Media can reveal that the One Nation leader is in talks with the Turnbull government and the opposition to move the referral herself.

The government and Labor support the plan because they do not want the Senate to set the precedent of partisan High Court referrals.


Racist Pauline Again!

Dear Editor.

Racist Pauline must not blame Muslims, Islam and other minority groups for doing what they are doing – to promote unity.

Yours sincerely,

Eddie Hwang.


Unity Party WA


https://uitypartywa.wordpress.com (Published)

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UPWA is the only political Party that calls a spade a spade.

Hanson blamed for pig’s head dumped

Updated: 10:37 pm, Wednesday, 19 July 2017


Brisbane’s Islamic College’s chairman has blamed people like Pauline Hanson for a pig’s head being dumped.

The ‘demonising of Muslims’ by people like Pauline Hanson is to blame for a pig’s head being dumped outside the school gates of Brisbane’s Islamic College, its chairman says.

Police are investigating after CCTV showed a group of men dropping the carcass and a swastika-adorned backpack in front of the premises about 11.30pm on Tuesday.

Acting College chairman Ali Kadri told AAP people like the One Nation leader had ‘absolutely’ incited the incident and were ‘doing the same thing’ as ISIS by spreading propaganda.

‘The shock jocks and politicians are mainstream demonising Muslims and Islam,’ he said on Wednesday.

‘If ISIS is going to do propaganda and target Muslims to make them do stupid actions, I think people like … Pauline Hanson are doing the same thing.

‘They’re the same kind of hate crimes.’

‘They have to take responsibility for what they say.’

Mr Kadri said it wasn’t the first time a pig’s head had been left outside a Muslim property.

One was dropped outside a mosque in Holland Park in Brisbane’s south about 18-months ago.

But Mr Kadri said the school had never previously been a target.

‘For those who have done this, I don’t understand why they think targeting children and women is fair game,’ he said.

Mr Kadri praised the police response to the incident, describing it as ‘phenomenal’.

‘We don’t believe there is any threat to safety of staff and kids,’ he posted on Facebook on Wednesday.

‘Right-wing extremists including some politicians and shock jocks who demonise Islamic schools are responsible for this.’



One nation under fresh scrutitiny

Dear Adam,

I fully agree with you and the Prime Minister what you both said that we got to respond to terror threats in Australia.

One Nation under fresh scrutiny over possible electoral breaches.

Yours sincerely

Eddie Hwang


Unity Party WA




Fax/hone: 61893681884

Save the trees – Please use email

UPWA is the only political Party that calls a spade a spade.

Labor has referred Pauline Hanson’s One Nation to Queensland authorities amid claims the party has breached electoral rules.

ALP senator Murray Watt has asked the Queensland Electoral Commission to investigate a report that One Nation secretly switched legal structures last year and now risks being deregistered as a party.

Surrounded by heavily armed commandos, the Prime Minister has revealed new measures to respond to terror threats in Australia.

The report in The Saturday Paper claimed One Nation’s operating structure was changed in November last year from that of an unincorporated association to an incorporated association. The report said the change was made to shift legal liability away from senior party officers.

The report goes on to allege Senator Hanson, the party’s registered officer, failed to notify the QEC or One Nation members as required under electoral laws. It also says that under this new structure the party’s constitution does not comply with the requirements of a registered political party.


Labor senator Murray Watt has referred One Nation to the Queensland Electoral Commission.

Labor senator Murray Watt has referred One Nation to the Queensland Electoral Commission. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

A spokesman for Ms Hanson said: “At this time the party is making no comment.”





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Vote unaffcted by pauline’s peril

From: Unity Party WA [mailto:info@unitywa.org]
Sent: Monday, June 26, 2017 4:36 PM
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Subject: Re: Vote unaffcted by pauline peril

Dear Qld Premier,

If Racist Hanson is able to hold the balance of power that will be disaster for Qld.

Yours respectfully,

Edward Hwang


Unity Party WA


www.unityparty.org (published)



newspoll: Queensland One Nation vote unaffected by Pauline’s perils

One Nation leader Pauline Hansen. Picture: Evan Morgan

The Australian12:00AM June 26, 2017

Queensland political reporter Brisbane

Senior Labor and Liberal National Party strategists believe Pauline Hanson’s One Nation will hold the balance of power after the Queensland election.

Today’s disaggregated Newspoll results show One Nation’s federal primary vote in the state holding firm at 16 per cent, though the party is dogged by scandal and independent investigations.

Premier Annastacia Pala­szczuk must call the next election before May, and has ruled out any preference deals with One Nation.

LNP leader Tim Nicholls says his party’s preferences will be directed seat by seat, but has denied he would be prepared to govern in coalition with One Nation.

A senior member of Mr Nicholls’s team said the LNP should not have “anything to do with” One Nation, and should consider putting Senator Hanson’s party last on all how-to-vote cards.

The LNP source said One Nation could equal the 1998 Queensland result, when the previous version of the party secured 23 per cent of the primary vote and 11 seats in what was then an 89-seat parliament.

“They’ll be highly influential either way, but I think they are going to touch Labor up,” the source said, describing the recent Labor budget’s $5bn infrastructure spend in its marginal regional seats as “gilding the casket”.

A senior ALP strategist agreed One Nation was a threat to Labor’s marginal seats in regional cities such as Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton and Bundaberg but said One Nation would hurt LNP base seats more. “But there is a real risk of her holding the balance of power, and that would mean a Tim Nicholls minority government.”

Queensland senator Murray Watt — who has spearheaded federal Labor’s attack on One Nation — said it was unsurprising that recent scandals had not reduced the party’s vote.

“Many of her supporters are deeply distrustful of the major parties and the mainstream media outlets that have been reporting these scandals,” Senator Watt said. “But as time goes on and more and more scandals come up, and as she sells out the battlers more and more, her support will erode.”

Federal LNP Member for Dawson George Christensen — whose north Queens­­land electorate takes in state seats vulnerable to One Nation — said his party should be reminding people Senator Hanson was not running in the state election. “The love — where there is love — is for Pauline Hanson herself, not for the party. That distinction does need to be made.”

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