Hon. Tony Abbott,

Prime Minister 

Dear Prime Minister, 

We would be grateful if you could assist our Member – M/s Lili Kang in any way possible as we have nowhere to turn to.

We wonder why Centerlink denied her entitlement for so long? 

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. 

Yours respectfully, 

Eddie Hwang


The consequence of injustice

– Further bully, harassment, mental torture Political Persecution and a shocking plot


First of all, thanks to Nicholas Chin for encouraging me write down my case when I really felt hopeless and there was no avenue to seeking any help.

I consulted my friend who also had been harassed for 14 years before her mother’s murder and additional 7 years after her mother’s murder for addressing my case here. Her advice is to write selectively since many people haven’t experienced such horrible persecutions. The perception of “suspicion”, “couldn’t believe”, “can’t be true” and “it’s impossible” from readers are exactly the results wanted from the faceless person who created such harassment and persecution. This very cruel and inhuman mental torture is not any better than physical torture in Nazi Concentration Camp. It used psychology principles and human weakness to torture victims and misleading third party. Consequently, the situation could lead no avenues for victims to present their case but end up: 1) living in an isolated life; 2) become psychopathic or 3) Suicide. Therefore, I will be very selective to give details in followings.

Also, I wish readers don’t blame those one who involved in making my life so difficult including police officers because I believe they are on “duties”.  


My name is Lili Kang and initially lodged case in AIRC for alleged unlawful dismissal to against line manager’s bully, harassment and misconduct behavior. It was given registration: “Lili Kang v Attorney General’s Department”. With received no justice, I lodged case in Federal Magistrate Court, appealed in Full Court and High Court between 2007 – 2009. Finally, in receiving injustice I published “The truth for the case of Lili Kang v Attorney General’s Department” (Please visit Unity Party WA for details) and exposed the system corruption and conflict interest involved in handle my case.

Facts of Further bully, harassment, mental torture and Political Persecution

Unexpected, I have been harassed for nearly 7 years after finished the legal process. The numerous persecutions systematically adopted and used to mentally torture me since 2008. For example: create financial difficulties; set up obstacle to my daily life; shocking overt and covert harassment, continue delude the people with rumours to damage my reputation; isolation from community; mental torture, stalking and life threatening.

Create financial difficulties

After the verdict of High Court in July 2009, suddenly all recruitment agencies stopped offering me jobs regardless my extensive senior financial and management accounting experience. I ended up in Centrelink. There was no any reply from every job I applied for in that instance for 7 month.

At the same time, I couldn’t receive payment on time from Centrelink because of my data had been constantly changed. The reasons were ridiculous, such as transferred my name from unemployed system to employed system three times (can’t receive payment), changed the loss of property investment to profit (reduced payment) etc. It was so frustrating to step in that door. Afterward, I couldn’t stand living with Centrelink’s payment so that asked authorization for full time study. I succeed in study Academic English in RMIT and submitted my course registration to Centrelink. Probably two month later, the staff suddenly asked me to provide job seek record otherwise no payment for me. I was extremely sad because I didn’t have any since I was full time student. I didn’t know what to do but told my teacher in tears. She kindly drafted a letter to Centrelink. One problem solved, yet new problem occurred. For peace of my mind, I have to withdraw my super and I am living on my super at the moment.

Set up obstacle to my daily life

Financial difficulties and kinds of harassment pushed me to decide going back to China. On 19 Jan 2011, I paid $40 to QV post office in CBD for redirection of my mail to my son who lives in Brisbane before my departure for China. My son never received any mail and wasn’t able to pay all my bills. We all know that the consequence of not paying bills could lead to list in database for bad credibility. For 9 month my son had to fly to Melbourne very often just to get the bills. In the mean time, he contacted post office for the redirection of my mail. He was rejected even though with my copy of application to direct mail. Not only that, my electricity bill got messy after 13 years my residence in this address. I pay someone else bill and find out from the unique number NIMI (received refund). I pay gas bill even though there was no one live in this apartment for 9 month. For last two years, my Residential Rates is nearly $300 higher than all my neighbors on the same floor or higher floor whose apartments’ square meters are either larger or the same as mine.         

One of very disturbing and frustrating harassment is hacking and attacking my computer since 2008. It started when I was in the process of suing AG’s in full court. The hacking result in freeze screen, destroy files and system, and disconnecting internet. I spend 90% of the time to fix up the system problems each day for 10% of the time reading mail. I have to be extremely patient to face the cycle of repair and damage again, again and again in every hour. I have three PC and I was detected straight away which one I was on. Eventually, I came to the end of my endurance and published my case link and the facts of harassment in Google Weibo. Thereafter, for 5 month I was nearly unable to access internet at all as show following usage:

9/10 – 9/11/12 usage 10%

9/11 – 9/12/12 usage 20.4%

9/12 – 9/1/13 usage 12.87%

9/1/ – 9/2/13 usage 54.07%

9/2/ – 9/3/13 usage 29.83%

Consequently, my Laptop was completely destroyed by hacking and the IT expert had to fix it in a very hard way. I have to mention here is that since I have been so difficult to even read my mail thus I don’t have time to visiting any website by affecting virus. Later, my relative sent me a new HP Laptop. It only worked well for one night and was hacked result in the system couldn’t move next day. My iPad and mobile with internet connection are all hacked.

It is very often I sit in front of computer two to three hours for nothing. I complained to the internet service company for I can’t use what I paid for. The consultant tested all internet connections for 6 hours and couldn’t find anything wrong. I have been told that the problem is beyond their control. Currently, I have been blocked to sign in twitter and other access in laptop and desk top. That means I can’t publish article in twitter but only send simple words through mobile network. I was also censored for posting in face book even though for very ordinary comments. However, there is improvement for me to read mail and visiting some website recently. I have no problem with authority monitor but online harassment is also unacceptable.

Shocking overt and covert harassment

I am not going to state overt shocking and disgusting official harassment here because sounds crazy. The most frustrating covert harassment is breaking in my apartment constantly. I couldn’t believe myself when my stuff was touched at beginning until my bathroom ceiling was damaged by cutting the wall in square around the light. The purpose of break in is:

1) Damage my court case files which saved in USB, DVD, and stolen document in relation to my case

2) Harassment with mental torture

Afterward, my WD portable USB which used to save my court case was damaged by scratch inside and cutting of the plastic outside. The files were seriously damaged.

 Despite of other silly harassment, around middle of 2010 I found my laptop mouse disappeared when I got to home. I was very angry but still not sure if I could call police just for the $50 mouse disappearance. On 6 August 2010, I found that one of my earphones was damaged and it was put on my bed. I had enough and called security guard, drafted a letter about what had been going on in my apartment running to little flinders police station around 5pm. The police received my letter and written down what I said. He said he will send me the report by mail but I never received it. Thereafter, break in continued nearly every time I went out.

I left Australia for China in January 2011 and returned in November 2011. I found that my electricity heater was broken, two big cooking pots had gone but left the pot lid, coffee mark splashed on the bedstand and on carpet where near my bed, some DVD disappeared, some hard copy of documents in relation to my case has gone, newly bought printer ink nearly gone, Home Audio system damaged etc.

Break in continued after I returned from China. Subsequently, some unbelievable phenomena made me logically infer there must be either hidden camera in my apartment or I have been watched from the distance. One day, I put cash envelop under my pillow which was given by my relative for I had no income. I was surprised to see envelop was on my bed when I got to home. My computer always is the target therefore I locked my laptop in suitcase and hid 3G USB modem behind the book. It was shock to me that the 3G USB damaged and the DVD drive was pull out when I took out the laptop from my suitcase. This person even can open the number lock which used for my suitcase. I hid my balcony door key at back of my TV, it was on the TV table when I got to home. Again, one day I showed my friend how my eye shadow sponge stick damaged by break in before we went out. I quickly put back to bathroom and my friend confirmed that. To my surprise, the eye shadow box caught my eyes on the dining table soon I opened the door. Too many examples to give……..

The harassment break in include, cut of vegetable, empty a box of all eggs, damage the luxury tea caddy, empty new pack of shampoo and condition, take some food, constantly using perfume and many small damages which is just no one couldn’t believe what they did. What this person wanted me know is: he was here. I called security guard 4 times when I see the evidences are so obviously. I changed the both deadlock three times but break in still continues.

An unbelievable shocking symptom pushed me to buy security camera which I am not going to go in deep details here. My apartment had peace for while since I bought security camera but my car started has a problem just after two weeks service. It is a reliable PEUGEOT car and parked in basement where I live. The car suddenly started to bumping, stopping when I was driving and reversing when I release the break. One day I couldn’t even start engine and had to call RACV. I sent my car to the car service, fixed – happened again – sent back- same problem again continued 4 times in the one month. I had no choice but gave my car to my brother who lives in Sydney.

Then, my apartment started to break in again. I couldn’t see any footage from the security camera but some very strange application in camera. On 13 July, I found my bathroom face washing tap has damaged after I returned to home from downstairs. The Security camera showed no obviously miss recording for 12th and 13th when I was out for a very short time but there was obviously miss recording for 2.5 hours when the exactly time I was out on 11 July. It was proved some one was working on my security camera, shocking!!!.

I called both security guard and police. Police acted professionally saying “will send some one come”. That was around 1:30pm on 13 July. I called police again at 5:45pm since there was no one coming. Police again saying “will send some”. A few minutes later, a female police called me saying: “police can’t come because they are all busy”. I agreed since it was small damage. Then, she said that she would arrange someone to talk to me about it. I though it was about help me to get more evidence. The next day, some one called me from Mental illness consulting service. I was shocked but explained what happened to her. She passed phone to her manager. I had conversation with this manager who is very professional. I told him it is outrage and incorrect procedures. It is unacceptable that police arrange mental consultation service without come to check out the evidence of break in. The consultant obviously agreed with me.

The next day, my door continually opened which I heard from sound recorder. Thereafter, my security camera is getting crazy, it started recording when I was home and stopped recording when I was out. It happened three times and I called SWANN service for help. The question is who has such high level technical skill to do this?

Where is the avenue?

On 15 October 2012 I called OPI for police misconduct. The officer was kind, subsequently stop listen to me and asked me to see GP. I asked her “what’s the harassment to do with GP?” she quickly put the phone down.

On 7 May 2013 I went to Victoria Ombudsman. A female staff and manager interviewed me. I thought finally some one was going to listen to me I burst in tears. The manger accepted the possibility of police following me (actually stalking) for some reasons. However, he doubt of other kind of harassment which I complained. He encouraged me to go to centerlink without fears. There was no further follow up about my reporting.      

I called both friends who are running victim of crime and advocator of crime stoppers. They felt sorry about what I have been through but so little they can do.

On 31 July 2014 I searched Human Rights Commission online. Five minutes later, all websites in relation to HRC blocked. I searched Victoria Crime Stoppers and visited the home page. Suddenly, I can access all other states home page except Victoria Crime Stoppers home page. The relevant international HR or other organizations were all blocked after my quick visiting.  

Analysis and Final word

It comes to me more and more clear about the purpose of such cruel mental torture from the facts. Especially, police call the mental service directly without even talking to me (believe police carry out faceless man’s order). The clear insidious plot made me felt suffocating and my heart was overwhelming like sea. Obviously, this is a dead road for me nearly no way to walk out.

That harassment is basically beyond reasonable doubt. An ordinary people don’t believe some unreasonable or ridiculous behavior based on standard normal people’s behavior. Victims could be judged having mental problem if she/he tells people something abnormal.

I learnt symptoms of mental illness when I was studying interpreting course in RMIT. It is inferred a person could have mental illness if the doctor believe he/she has symptoms of imagination, repetitive worrying thoughts, involuntary thoughts about the traumatic experience etc. The given example of the symptoms further shocked me since I knew how the situation was created in my case. The doctor can conclude that person is mentally ill just by matching the symptoms.

Then, who is this faceless person hearted of me so much and also able to abuse taxpayer’s money, human resource by spending so much time, energy to attack me disregard ethic, law and national reputation. This outrage revenge is used to slowly kill victims without seeing blood. Therefore, all illegal behavior washed off by called “mental illness”. The network mateship has been used to isolate me by whomever I trying to talk to. It is play so hard to attain their purpose. No doubt, my name has been listed in blacklist in relevant authority system in Australia. What kind of the people are listed in such system, spy? terrorist? suspected criminal? danger to community? How far this faceless person wants to go for further frame me up? 

For so many years, I only reported to police twice. I realize this faceless person created a situation which is impossible for me to call 000 for every break in and some ridiculous damage as I described above. That means I only have two choices: 1) keep going reporting or tell people, thus, conspiratorially end up in mental hospital have injection and electroshock; 2) Say nothing but have to continue tolerant such harassment with suffer, then collapse, get schizophrenia finally.

I have to thanks GOD for giving me a fortitudinous character and confidence so that I am able to surviving. I am also lucky to have friends who trusted me based on my conduct and characters even though the bad rumours are still around.

I wish my writing could help many people who had similar experience. I also wish readers understand people can be very evil through reading my story, such as the case of father and mother killed their children, husband murders wife and wife murders husband. Sounds ridiculous? But they are all real. 

However, the overt harassment has been reduced for last few months but the break in is still shocking. Every day, some harassment occurred. Finally, the most important is who can tell me where is an avenue?

Author: Lili Kang 



Dear Prime Minister, 

We wish to congratulate you for not repealing 18C of the RDA as it is unlawful to “insult, offend and humiliate” a person or group.

Yours respectfully. 

Eddie Hwang


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Racial discrimination act changes ‘off the table, gone, dissapeared’ Tony Abbott says, JENNIFER RAJCA NATIONAL POLITICAL REPORTER – NEWS CORP AUSTRALIA NETWORK – AUGUST 06, 2014 8:12AM 

A CONTROVERSIAL proposal to repeal a section of the Racial Discrimination Act is “gone” Tony Abbott has declared, while rejecting his government is backflipping just like Julia Gillard.

The Prime Minister yesterday announced the government would not be proceeding with its pre-election commitment, while unveiling new measures to beef up counter-terrorism laws.

This morning he insisted it is “gone, it’s disappeared” when asked if the proposal is off the table forever during an interview on ABC Radio.

Mr Abbott admitted it was a pledge his government had taken to last year’s election, but said circumstances have changed.

“Sometimes one priority has to give way to a greater priority and the anti-terrorist campaign, the need for stronger counter-terrorism measures is really absolutely critical right now,” he said.

“The safety of our community has got to be the first priority of Government and that’s why the Government has made the announcements that we have.”

The Prime Minister was also sure to reject any comparison with backflips by the previous Labor government, when asked if his Paid Parental Leave Scheme will go the same way.

“You’re trying to say that nothing is certain, nothing is constant, that all is flux, that the current Government is as bad as the Gillard Government,” he said during the interview.

“We’re not. Let me assure your listeners, let me assure you we are a government that takes its commitments absolutely seriously.”

The 18C proposal was becoming a “needless complication” in their talks over counter-terrorism measures, he said.

Before the last election the Coalition promised to repeal the section of the Racial Discrimination Act which currently makes it unlawful to “insult, offend and humiliate” a person or group.

But after receiving hundreds of submissions on an exposure draft released in March, Mr Abbott decided to make what he described as a “leadership call”.

 “Our intention is to work as effectively as we can with the communities of Australia, to ensure that we take a Team Australia approach to countering terrorism and to building our nation.”

This morning he also revealed he spoke to News Corp columnist Andrew Bolt yesterday to explain it was now “off the table”.

Labor was critical of the proposal and believes the government used yesterday’s anti-terror announcements as a cover to dump the idea.

Bill Shorten said the Attorney General, who had been campaigning for the changes, was “rolled by his Cabinet”.

“George Brandis has been humiliated by his colleagues,” the Opposition Leader said yesterday.

Shadow Parliamentary Secretary Ed Husic insisted the government should not be congratulated for its backflip.

“It isn’t about the good in their hearts it’s about the fear in their eyes,” he told Sky News this morning.