Vote unaffcted by pauline’s peril

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Subject: Re: Vote unaffcted by pauline peril

Dear Qld Premier,

If Racist Hanson is able to hold the balance of power that will be disaster for Qld.

Yours respectfully,

Edward Hwang


Unity Party WA (published)


newspoll: Queensland One Nation vote unaffected by Pauline’s perils

One Nation leader Pauline Hansen. Picture: Evan Morgan

The Australian12:00AM June 26, 2017

Queensland political reporter Brisbane

Senior Labor and Liberal National Party strategists believe Pauline Hanson’s One Nation will hold the balance of power after the Queensland election.

Today’s disaggregated Newspoll results show One Nation’s federal primary vote in the state holding firm at 16 per cent, though the party is dogged by scandal and independent investigations.

Premier Annastacia Pala­szczuk must call the next election before May, and has ruled out any preference deals with One Nation.

LNP leader Tim Nicholls says his party’s preferences will be directed seat by seat, but has denied he would be prepared to govern in coalition with One Nation.

A senior member of Mr Nicholls’s team said the LNP should not have “anything to do with” One Nation, and should consider putting Senator Hanson’s party last on all how-to-vote cards.

The LNP source said One Nation could equal the 1998 Queensland result, when the previous version of the party secured 23 per cent of the primary vote and 11 seats in what was then an 89-seat parliament.

“They’ll be highly influential either way, but I think they are going to touch Labor up,” the source said, describing the recent Labor budget’s $5bn infrastructure spend in its marginal regional seats as “gilding the casket”.

A senior ALP strategist agreed One Nation was a threat to Labor’s marginal seats in regional cities such as Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton and Bundaberg but said One Nation would hurt LNP base seats more. “But there is a real risk of her holding the balance of power, and that would mean a Tim Nicholls minority government.”

Queensland senator Murray Watt — who has spearheaded federal Labor’s attack on One Nation — said it was unsurprising that recent scandals had not reduced the party’s vote.

“Many of her supporters are deeply distrustful of the major parties and the mainstream media outlets that have been reporting these scandals,” Senator Watt said. “But as time goes on and more and more scandals come up, and as she sells out the battlers more and more, her support will erode.”

Federal LNP Member for Dawson George Christensen — whose north Queens­­land electorate takes in state seats vulnerable to One Nation — said his party should be reminding people Senator Hanson was not running in the state election. “The love — where there is love — is for Pauline Hanson herself, not for the party. That distinction does need to be made.”

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people lost trust


Dear Treasurer,

You are so right in saying that people had lost the trust of ordinary people by majority parties  who were demanding answers rather then doing that during the election times

The forgotten people have decided to forget Australia’s political class, Treasurer Scott Morrison has warned, saying the major parties had lost the trust of ordinary people who were demanding answers and not petty point scoring.

Ahead of a key speech to the Liberal Party’s Federal conference today, Mr Morrison signalled the Federal Government would ditch ideology as it sought to reassure Australians it understood the economic squeeze they have faced since the global financial crisis.

In an exclusive interview with The Weekend West, Mr Morrison said economic circumstances had changed dramatically since 2008 but many of the political battles and ideas of recent years had taken place without recognising the changed economic reality for most people.

Wages were no longer growing quickly and people relied more on services to ease financial pressures. Mr Morrison said the parties and media had failed to adapt to the change.

“The public has turned the volume on Canberra down. The whole political class,” he said. “Today’s forgotten people have also decided to forget all of us, the political class. They’ve become disconnected from it.”

“I’m not saying they’re switching off from the Liberal Party, they’re not switching off to the government or the opposition or the media, it’s switching off to all of the above.”

Mr Morrison said because the world economy had changed so much since the GFC, the “economic stakes” were higher for policymakers.

He conceded the cuts in the 2014 Budget, in areas such as education and health, had not only cost the Government political support but may have fed into negative views about the economy. People who worried about whether they could afford to take their children to a doctor for instance, were likely to be anxious about their economic future.

“We paid a heavy price for the decisions that were made on services early on and that really undermined people’s level of assurance,” Mr Morrison said.

The Government has yet to see any improvement in polls since its Budget last month which included the $23.5 billion lift in education spending.

He said it would be a long grind to win over support, saying the political “ice was deep and thick”.

Leaders such as Donald Trump and British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson were connecting because they were speaking directly to people in a manner that showed they understood their concerns.

In the case of the US President, Mr Morrison said he was tapping the need for people to be optimistic. “That’s where I think Trump has just been remarkably successfully,” he said. “He hasn’t cut taxes yet or any number of other things but he has captured the optimistic imagination which is where he is trying to get the American people’s heads at,” he said.

Mr Morrison said voters were now member of many “teams” which meant there was no requirement for them to adhere to the Liberal Party’s view of the world.

That meant the party had to prove it was on the side of voters.

“It’s not about getting people to be on our side in politics, it’s about demonstrating to people that we’re on theirs,” he said.

Yours respectfully,

Edward Hwang


Unity Party WA (published)                   “

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UPWA is the only political Party that calls a spade a spade.


Racist Pauline

Hi Racist  Pauline,


Why you always against people suffering from disabilities?


Looking forward for your response soon.


Edward Hwang


Unity Party WA (published)                  ”

Fax/hone: 61893681884

Save the trees – Please use email

UPWA is the only political Party that calls a spade a spade







—–Original Message—–

From: Eddie Hwang []

Sent: Sunday, June 25, 2017 10:02 AM




A Perth mum’s open letter to Pauline Hanson about autism


Thursday, 22 June 2017 11:28AM


A Perth mum’s open letter to Pauline Hanson about autism


Politicians have united to condemn Pauline Hanson’s views on autistic children in state schools




Here is a link to ‘The Disability Standards For Education’ that you obviously have not read and I think perhaps it would be useful for you to read!


“The Act seeks to eliminate, as far as possible, discrimination against people with disabilities. Under section 22 of the Act, it is unlawful for an educational authority to discriminate against a person on the ground of the person’s disability or a disability of any associates of that person. Section 31 of the Act enables the Attorney-General to formulate disability standards in relation to a range of areas, including the education of persons with a disability.”


Maribel Ward with her son Kieran.


When I read your comments today I could not believe my eyes. To say I am infuriated would be understatement. Not only are they incredibly insensitive and hurtful but completely ignorant and mistaken. Another example, yet again, of you attacking a minority group! It is disgraceful that you even have the forum to share your archaic and misinformed beliefs and thoughts!


As a parent of a child with autism in a mainstream school, who by the way is doing brilliantly thanks to his amazing teacher and other support networks, and as a primary school teacher, I feel well placed to respond to your comments and statements regarding the state of our education system and its so called ‘problems’.



Pauline Hanson’s comments about autistic children have drawn widespread criticism.Picture: The Geraldton Guardian


Today YOU have placed the blame on children with disabilities. They take up too much of the teacher’s time you say, so your solution? Take them out of mainstream school to put them in ‘special classrooms’! I am all for families having the option to choose schools that cater specifically to children with special needs but if a family believes a mainstream school is the best place for their child, then it is their right to do so. Who are you to say otherwise? How about we support the teacher within the classroom and provide them with extra training, time and in class support to be able to cater to all children’s needs. Do you not think that the issue here is not the fact that children with disabilities are included but that there isn’t enough support for them within the classroom itself! How much time is ‘too much’?


These ‘do gooders, who want everyone to feel good about themselves’ you speak of, are professionals who work incredibly hard. Do you know what happens when ‘children feel good about themselves’? Another area you could research! With the rise of children with anxiety issues and the increased suicide rates I find this comment confusing to say the least.


Pauline Hanson has also found herself in hot water with comments about Easter eggs.Picture: Pauline Hanson’s Please Explain


In fact, the teaching profession has never worked harder and it is not because of the children in our classes but the system we find ourselves in. The pressure to ‘improve results’ has led to more standardised testing, an overloaded curriculum, increased paperwork, stressed students and teachers, less time in the classroom to actually teach and enjoy learning and the list goes on. Approximately 25 per cent of teachers leave the profession within the first five years of graduating, what does this tell you?


You talk about the impact of having children with a disability in a mainstream classroom on the ‘other’ children. Have you read any of the studies on this topic? The benefits for all students are well documented and I would suggest that you do some research before you make ill-informed comments.


There is much to gain from inclusive mainstream settings for all parties involved, it just needs to be supported. I would strongly urge you Pauline, to make a public apology for your comments and ask you to research before voicing your opinions so publicly.




Maribel Ward


Edward Hwang



Fax/hone: 61893681884


Save the trees – Please use email


UPWA is the only political Party that calls a spade a spade