Racist Violence

Dear Premier,

We wrote to you at the end of October and wonder if you or your government have done anything  so far. If not, we presume you support the racist Pauline Hanson One Nation’s policies. We note racial tension has increased as four racist senators from One Nation have been elected into the Federal government and more will be elected next year in Qld and WA.

Who dares to send their children to NSW schools?

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours respectfully,

Eddie Hwang


Unity Party WA


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In the afternoon of 29th October, the 17-year-old Eddy was having dinner at Westfield on Forest Road with his two friends. Later, two underage boys (one of them attending the same school as Eddy’s) suddenly shouted at Eddy and his friends using racial abusive words: F**king you Chinese chinky. Then they started beating Eddy and another adult man soon joined in the abuse. These three perpetrators not only beat Eddy into coma, they also threw him into a fountain nearby. As a result, Eddy is now suffered from multiple trauma and ear bleeding. However, according to Eddy’s classmates, the perpetrators got released after registered and offered verbal confession to the police. The incident caused a very bad influence. Many Chinese students in Australia expressed grave concern that they also have suffered such discrimination and bullying in school.


10月29日下午,17岁的Eddy和两位朋友在好市围Forest路的Westfield外吃饭。两名未成年男生(其中一人与Eddy同校)突然对他们喊出“F**king you Chinese chinky”的种族辱骂性言语,并上前围殴Eddy,随后另有一名成年人男子参与施暴。他们3人不但将Eddy打至昏迷,还把他扔进喷泉里,造成受害者全身多处挫伤和耳出血。然而,据受害者同学透露,3名施暴者仅仅在警局录口供和登记,随后就被释放。这起事件造成了恶劣的影响,很多在澳留学生也表示,他们曾经在学校遭遇过歧视和霸凌。

Second, the petition

  1. We request the police to bring the justice on the perpetrators, especially the adult one.
  2. We request the underage perpetrators to make a public apology to the victim in school.
  3. We request the police to strengthen communication with the victim and the related community. Put forward practical solution and boost security in Hurstville.
  4. We request the school to seriously deal with the matter of bullying overseas students.
  5. We request the Australian government to attach more importance to the security of overseas students and put forward concrete and feasible measures.


  1. 要求警方严惩伤人者,特别是成年人;
  2. 要求涉案未成年人在校内公开道歉;
  3. 要求警方与受害者和社区对话,通畅沟通渠道,加大Hurstville地区的治安管制,提出切实的改善方案;
  4. 要求校方严肃处理校内针对留学生的同类霸凌事件;
  5. 要求澳洲各级政府重视留学生安全问题,并提出具体可行的措施。


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Third   MCC NSW CCCA Media Release

Condemnation of Racist Violence  31 Octobe4r 2016

On behalf of the Chinese Community Council  and the Multicultural Communities Council of NSW , we strongly condemn the violent racist behaviour and support the petition’s 5 demands.  We pray for Eddy and hope his condition will stabilized and on the road to recovery.  We will also petition relevant MPs and government agencies in regard to this matter.  The education of Chinese students in Australia is worth millions and we need to ensure the safety and well-being of Chinese students studying in our country.  As our guests, they should be protected from harm.

Dr Anthony Pun, OAM, National President CCCA and Chair, MCC NSW.